Aida Individual Depth World Championships 2011

Guillaume Nery

Carlos Coste

Giorgos Panagiotakis

A well organized tournament took place in Kalamata Greece from the 15th to the 25th of September 2011. More than 140 athletes from all over the globe participated in the 3 major depth disciplines: Constant weight with fins, Free imersion and constan weight without fins. The vast majority of the elite athletes had performed phenomenal dives beyond the 100m barrier. Finally French freediving champion Guillaume Nery became the freediving World Champion for 2011. He won the gold medal with an outstanding dive at 117m leaving the second place to Venezuelan athlete Carlos Coste who performed a solid 116m dive. French Maldame Christian and the young Greek athete Giorgos Panagiotakis shared the bronze medal with 101m (a new Greek NR). Natalia Molchanova after an easy dive to 101m won the first place setting a new World Record. Jarmila Slovencikova from Czech Republic took the silver after an 86m dive, while Japanese Mizuzu Hirai with a clean dive to 82m won the bronze. New Zealander recordman William Trubridge was the winner in both free immersion and no fins disciplines with 112m and 93m. In free immersion the Russian Queen of the sport Natalia Molchanova stroke again with an another world record of 88m. The event had finalized with great success and a big party where the deepest humans on earth showed their skills in booze drinking and dancing till the daylight showed. We will all meet again at the next one, next year in Nice, France.

Constant weight with fins

1.NERY Guillaume 117m
2.COSTE Carlos 116m
3.MALDAMÉ Christian 101m
3.PANAGIOTAKIS Giorgos 101m

1.MOLCHANOVA Natalia 101m
2.SLOVENČÍKOVÁ Jarmila 86m
3.HIRAI Misuzu 82m

Free Immersion

1.TRUBRIDGE William 112m
2.MATEUSZ Malina 106m
3.KODERMAN Antoni 105m

1.MOLCHANOVA Natalia 88m

Constant weight no fins

1.TRUBRIDGE William 93m
2.RIŠIAN Michal 84m
3.BOURCIS Morgan 80m

2.TIMMERMANS Wendy 52m
3.KARINA Irina 48m
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