Deep Worldwide Issue #19

Africa! A one in a lifetime adventure!

XXIX World Spearfishing Championship

Learn all about the glorious grouper

Spearfishing & Boating: all there is to know

U/W filming: create the perfect sequence by videographer and producer Barret Harvey

Clearing issues?

U/W test: Pathos Lazer 120, Majestic fins, Bleu Tec's OCEANBORN 145 custom






Yin & Yang

Read more: Yin & Yang


Smooth/Cell Wetsuit 8mm by AZURE

Read more: Smooth/Cell Wetsuit 8mm by AZURE


Variable Weight Spearfishing

Read more: Variable Weight Spearfishing


Spearfishing white grouper /shish kebab

Read more: Spearfishing white grouper /shish kebab


Wild Things

Read more: Wild Things


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Spearfishing & Freediving Extravaganza

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