Deep Worldwide Issue #19

DEEPEX International 2015: the biggest event in Europe


Decode your body language: Dr Dimitris Louloudis advises

Test: What's your technique?

Kuwait: The kingdom of mackerels. A place to be.

Learn about the belt reel

The Croatian drop technique

Static apnea training: tables

Taste & the Fish: Oven baked snapper with chick peas



Mediterranean Thrill



Doggies - Part 3

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Doggies - Part 2

Read more: Doggies - Part 2


Doggies - Part 1

Read more: Doggies - Part 1


DSVA 2015 - The winners

Read more: DSVA 2015 - The winners


14th Cup of Rovinj, Croatia

Read more: 14th Cup of Rovinj, Croatia


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Spearfishing & Freediving Extravaganza

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