Deep Worldwide Issue #18

Arise from the Depths: a glorious comeback of the 8th edition of the Spearfishing Champions League

Eric Allard gives useful info about spearfishing the Tropics

Do you know the 10 hottest spearfishing destinations in the world? Tassos Karteris teases you for the trip of your life!

Footage Vs Story: U/W videographer and producer Barret Harvey advise you on how to make outstanding videos

Nutrition tips for freediving and spearfishing

U/W test: Azure's Ambush 110, Elite's "Nausica" mask

Hangover: how does alcohol affect spearfishing and freediving performance. DOs and DON'Ts

Do fish feel pain?

Taste & the fish: Lobster tails with basmati rice and broccoli



Florida Keys Grouper Pie

Onefish Legends - MJK



Smooth/Cell Wetsuit 8mm by AZURE

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Variable Weight Spearfishing

Read more: Variable Weight Spearfishing


Spearfishing white grouper /shish kebab

Read more: Spearfishing white grouper /shish kebab


Wild Things

Read more: Wild Things


Dentexmania Über Alles

Read more: Dentexmania Über Alles


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Spearfishing & Freediving Extravaganza

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