Deep Worldwide Issue #16

New Spearfishing & Freediving DEMONS: AIDA Education Officer Stavros Kastrinakis gives the updates about lung squeeze and freediver's bends

Shallow Spearfishing: techniques and ethics of the "shallow zone clan"

Aussie Next Generation Spearo: who they are and what they catch by Joshua Ball

Spearing & Surfing: is there a connection? John Dornelas knows better

Interview: The Puckeridges

Medical: ORL problems



DSVA 2014 - The Winners

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Deepex 2014

Read more: Deepex 2014


The feast!

Read more: The feast!


BREATH UP! (spearfishing grouper at 38m.)

Read more: BREATH UP! (spearfishing grouper at 38m.)


Dances With Sharks

Read more: Dances With Sharks


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Spearfishing & Freediving Extravaganza

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